The World’s Highest Paid DJs

calvin-harris-top-earning-djSo you want to be a DJ and get rich and famous. Sure, it may be like winning the lottery, but Forbes’ new list of the world’s highest page DJs shows without a doubt it’s possible.

Calvin Harris topped the list of 2015’s biggest earners, but was rounded out by a host of other big names in the DJ world. Harris made over $66 million dollars last year with a string of hits.

David Guetta came in at #2 with almost half of what Calvin Harris made – $37 million, which is still a REALLY nice paycheque by any standards.

House DJ Tiesto came in at a close third with about $36 million. And Skrillex and Steve Aoki tied for the fourth spot with $24 million each. That’s a hell of a lot of money.

You can learn more about the DJs and what made them so rich and powerful in the DJ world at Forbes.

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